​​This is where we excel.  We will first come in and do a PGA(profit gap analysis) for your store.  We will determine how well the departments work with one another and support one another.  We will then determine if a new or updated process be put into your store.  We then suggest these processes be implemented where they are needed and then hold individuals accountable.

Then we tailor your new process with our product offerings and then implement a regularly scheduled training on a weekly, monthly and quarterly based on the needs of the store.  Each of these sessions will have specific purposes with defined expectations.

If you feel you are not getting the results you expect, call us and we will set up a short 15-20 minute meeting to discuss what you feel are your most pressing short comings.  We will then design a program that you are comfortable with and then move forward.  

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Having quality products is very important but having qualified and properly trained F&I managers is a must in today's environment.  With the manufactures beating down on the dealers to sell their vehicles regardless of profitability, it is paramount that F&I managers are properly trained to deliver a profitable sale to the store. 

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